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$200 FULL PRICE: $75 with order and $125 by pick up date.  Each nuc contains a laying queen and workers to tend brood in four deep frames within a disposable Jester box.  You will need to provide the hive box and additional frames to give them room to expand. Pick-up requires an appointment.  If you want delivery,  email me to place an order to pay extra for my services.  SPECIAL ORDER REQUIRED FOR MEDIUM FRAME NUC:  A medium frame nuc  includes bees and brood (about 6 frames) equivalent to a deep frame nuc. Specify at time of order.  Customer must deliver own equipment at least two weeks before pick up date (i.e. medium box, 4 new medium frames, top and bottom of box).

Nuc Deposit

  • Nucs are available in the spring and late summer each year.  Please place your order three months ahead.  It takes that long to prepare a good nuc.  Sometimes the weather does not cooperate and I have to start all over.  So availability changes from year to year.  I cannot anticipate exact dates when nucs will be available, so we need to keep in touch.  You will need to be flexible about the timing to pick up your nuc.